We are different. Our differences come from our history, our culture and our ambitions for the future:

We have flexible capital. Whether we are founding, acquiring or providing growth capital to a business, using our own capital allows us to make decisions based on the needs of the business. Over the life of a business, its needs change.  Using our own capital allows us to do what is right for the business unburdened by traditional investor desires for near-term liquidity and other limitations.

We don’t plan for an exit. Our history has been to own our businesses for decades and that will continue to be our mindset going forward.

We are a family organization. This means we think and act more like founders and CEOs in terms of:

a. Responsibilities to our management teams and customers;

b. Developing strategies for sustainable cash flows; and

c. How we think about value creation.

“One size fits all” makes no sense to us. With flexible capital, no need for an exit and a founder mentality, we maintain the flexibility to change. We do not try to fit the same playbook to every situation. In a dynamic world, agility and resilience are vastly under-appreciated tools.

We build. Building successful businesses is about people, products and customers. Our strategy supports exceptional business builders to harness their expertise and pursue their passion. When we do that well, we believe that good things will follow.

We are shaped by our experience. Our culture was formed during an era in which high leverage was the exception, not the rule. Exits were the exception, not the rule.